About Me.

Good day to you.  My name is Frank Musarra and I've been active in the real estate industry for over 25 years.  Shortly into my career I partnered with a broker and opened a real estate rental agency in Saddle Brook, NJ.  This was during the early stage of the internet and was when I began learning internet marketing.

In early 1995 the rental market began to change. I also recognized that local real estate agencies would have a difficult time competing against large franchises and their advertising advantages.  That vision led me to joining the ReMax organization in Paramus, NJ where I became designated as the part time office internet consultant.  I managed this position for 10 years and I've been an Internet developer and marketer ever since.  

I created My Facebook service to help others utilize the power of Facebook advertising. There isn't another local source where an audience can share or comment on advertisements.  The opportunities to reach the local market are affordable and should be a consideration for any business. 

For those who are ambitious and eager to try the Facebook advertising platform Click here for links to learning the Facebook Advertising Platform

A trusted source always focused on getting the job done.

​Frank Musarra